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Rudridge is the first company in the Building Industry to build and invest in a bespoke ‘.tv’ website dedicated to Groundwork and Civil Engineering materials. 

We have uploaded available videos from our trading partners and produced many of our own promotional and tutorial films.

So what is the purpose of offers a library of instructional videos in one location, dedicated to Groundwork and Civil Engineering materials.

Rudridge is pioneering the way forward, providing useful information for our existing and potential new customers. We will also be using the tutorials as part of our own internal staff training programme and believe this is the way forward for future generations to learn and to inspire interest in our industry.

Why video?

There is a distinct lack of product information available using this media, even though video is considered one of the best ways to communicate and engage with a target audience. 

Customers love to see what they are buying (for example a picture is a must-have on eBay) and we believe that video is the most effective tool in the box.

Videos can also be an excellent way to provide more information about the intended purchase and can convey helpful tips and technical guidance.

Who will benefit most?

Potentially anyone can benefit! 

However, we believe the tutorials are most likely to help customers who would like to know more about a product they haven’t purchased before; buyers who are new to the industry looking to develop their product knowledge, or our own staff and those of our trading partners.

Tell us more about Paul Duke and the association with Tony Cottee?

The presenters of our tutorial videos are Rudridge General Manager Paul Duke, and former football legend, Tony Cottee. 

Paul has almost 30 years’ experience selling in the building industry and has been operating in the groundwork and civil engineering sector since 1992.  He is highly respected by his peers and his product knowledge is second to none.  Paul has been with Rudridge since its inception in May 2000.

Friend and colleague Tony Cottee, former footballing legend with West Ham, Everton, Leicester and ex-England international, has been working for the business for the last 7 years.  Tony assists in organising many of our customer and supplier events and is also involved with our other marketing activities.

We are extremely excited and proud to make this announcement. Who knows, maybe we will be the ‘YouTube’ of the building Industry in the future…..that’s certainly our vision!!
We really hope you enjoy the site and find it helpful.  Please click on the link below to take a look.

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FARNHAM: 01252 711911

GRAVESEND: 01474 331164

BRENTFORD: 0208 569 8888

HORSHAM: 01403 892800