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Product Focus: Brett Landscaping and Building Products

As summer rapidly approaches, outside spaces in both private homes and public and commercial spaces come into their own as areas to relax and recharge. 

Trends predicted for summer landscaping in 2019 include the growing preference for natural look paving, which reflects increasing global awareness and environmental considerations. This includes unobtrusive colours and textures which blend with and complement their surroundings. 

The style and colour of paving can influence the design direction for an entire area, and the continuing popularity of porcelain paving is one trend which is here to stay. 

 Here at Rudridge, we understand the importance of choosing exactly the right paving, and we are delighted to offer our customers the top quality porcelain paving range from Brett Landscaping, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of high quality paving products suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

Brett Landscaping produces three types of porcelain paving, the GeoCeramica ®, the Elegante and the Eclipse. 

Brett Landscaping GeoCeramica ® porcelain paving range

GeoCeramica® represents the evolution of durable, beautiful contemporary porcelain paving. It offers all the benefits of conventional porcelain paving with its cool elegance and minimal maintenance but has now been made easy to install using traditional UK construction methods. It's suitable for use on both patios and driveways alike, thanks to the cementitious drainage base permanently bonded to the porcelain surface. GeoCeramica® can be installed quickly and easily over a conventional Type 1 sub-base, and comes in three thicknesses depending on your application. 

The GeoCeramica® range's features include:

• Refined, elegant aesthetics
• Durable and easy to maintain porcelain face
• Ease of installation using traditional methods
• No staining, moss, algae or lichen growth
• Resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
• Suitability for patios and driveways

Inspired by nature, the GeoCeramica® range harnesses the beauty of natural stone with the benefits of modern paving technology. The range comprises six options which provide a flexible palette for the designer, and the 10mm option allows the seamless connection of indoor and outdoor space. 

Brett Landscaping Elegante porcelain paving range

This premium Italian porcelain paving is available with a variety of carefully selected sophisticated finishes. It provides durability and ease of maintenance, as porcelain is highly resistant to staining or the growth of moss and algae, and is available in 20mm thickness, with a range of colours and plan sizes for optimal design and flexibility.

Brett Landscaping Eclipse porcelain paving range

Eclipse porcelain is a high quality, no frills range offering three distinct stone colour options and one size, and is suitable for domestic use, including patios, pathways and internal floor coverings.  

If you're planning some paving work, get in touch with the team at Rudridge for expert advice and our legendary customer service. We pride ourselves on our swift response to enquiries, and for orders received before 12 pm, we usually guarantee next day delivery.

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FARNHAM: 01252 711911

GRAVESEND: 01474 331164

BRENTFORD: 0208 569 8888

HORSHAM: 01403 892800