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Rain, rain, go away!

After a scorching summer, you won't find many people complaining about the rain this autumn. But, despite the dry spell, the issues around managing rainfall and surface water drainage haven't gone away, and as the rain reappears it's time to address the risks around flooding.

Even the lightest shower can prove problematic if adequate drainage hasn't been provided. Consider the fact that up to 80mm of rain can fall in an hour during a storm and it's easy to see how quickly the issue can build up. For new commercial and residential developments finding a sustainable drainage solution is crucial to preventing floods and water contamination further down the line.

More building work also means an increase in surface water run-off from hard, non-porous surfaces such as roads and structures. So the importance of factoring in robust drainage products in any development, from a self-build to a large-scale estate, can't be overstated. 

Working with a market-leader in civil drainage

Manufacturers such as ACO are at the forefront of the industry's plans to tackle flooding. ACO is pioneering products that remove surface water through robust channels and grates. As a well-established supplier to the civil engineering and construction industry, our stock of ACO products is an essential part of our offering.

ACO's integrated system sits flush to any hard surface, which means it discreetly does the job and yet is barely visible. With a range of products available, there's a solution to suit all construction projects, and all are manufactured to the same high quality and compliant standards. Our stock includes:

  • HEX Channel Drainage

Best used for domestic settings, this product is lightweight and easy to install. Suitable for residential drainage around driveways and garages, it is made from recycled polypropylene and available in a choice of gratings including black plastic and galvanised steel. Supplied in one metre units, the channels clip together for easy on-site construction.

  • ACO RainDrain

This lightweight channel deals with surface water from domestic and light duty traffic areas. The high strength recycled polymer concrete comes in one metre units suitable for Load Class A 15. Replace the grating with the cast iron option and the system is suitable for Load Class B 125 applications. The product also cleverly self-cleans.

  • MultiDrain Range

Available in three widths of 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm, the MultiDrain includes sloping and constant depth channels. With traditional gratings, solid covers or cross footpath units, all are fitted with ACO Drainlock - a locking device which reduces the risk of blockages and improves hydraulic capacity.

  • ACO S Range

This product is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as ports, docks and aircraft pavements. Using the same recycled polymer concrete, this system is a tough, chemical-resistant option with integral cast iron edge rails for maximum protection. Available in four widths of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm, there is a choice of a slotted Heelguard™ intercept or solid cover ductile iron grating for different usages.

  • Brickslot

This is a channel for use with bricks or stone pavers. The slots blend with paving joints for a neater, stylish appearance. Designed with a heelguard 10mm off set drainage inlet, this is a subtle and unobtrusive grating which, when combined with ACO MultiDrain MD galvanised and stainless steel channels, can be used for discreet drainage applications on public and residential building façades.

With a wealth of experience in guiding our customers on the right drainage product for their needs, we'll ensure you're prepared before the heavens open. Come into any of our four branches to discuss the options in more detail.

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FARNHAM: 01252 711911

GRAVESEND: 01474 331164

BRENTFORD: 0208 569 8888

HORSHAM: 01403 892800