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Klargester Wastewater and Sewage Solutions 

When it comes to greater energy efficiency and improving our ability to deal with waste, the construction industry has had to get smart. With ambitious energy targets set by the government, the key now lies with our ability to innovate – creating forward-thinking products and technologies that will guarantee sustainability and provide a robust answer to managing waste.

Some companies are shining examples of that pioneering spirit, and we're pleased to reflect this status by stocking their products and solutions. One such example is Kingspan, a global leader in the manufacture of building and construction products. Kingspan produces the well-respected Klargester range of waste management products including septic tanks and fuel and oil separators which you'll find stocked in our branches.

New generation of septic tanks

Septic tanks are still widely used for domestic and commercial sewage disposal in rural areas that don't have access to mains drainage by providing a self-contained drainage system. The treated liquid flows to a drain field and the sludge is removed periodically by vacuum truck. 

However, with new legislation on the horizon, new septic tanks need to meet specified standards. By 2020, older systems will also need to be upgraded or replaced even if they're not responsible for pollution. So, it's likely septic tanks will be on your shopping list at some point in the future if you're building in rural areas.

Selecting the best products

We hand-pick our range of products, so you can be assured of their performance levels and quality. Klargester's septic tanks use some of the latest cutting-edge materials to provide a modern take on this necessary - albeit unglamorous - product.

Its products include: 

Klargester Alpha Septic Tank 

A reliable and economic solution for homes and small businesses of up to 14 people. This tank is strong, light and watertight, designed for easy installation and handling. It comprises of a wide, flat shape for minimal visual impact. Made of GRP (glass reinforced plastic), it is chemically resistant and weatherproof to guarantee durability and compliance with the latest regulations.

Klargester GAMMA Septic Tank

Kingspan Klargester has developed GAMMA in direct response to market needs – an affordable and reliable septic tank that is easy to install for a range of domestic applications. It offers industry leading efficiency levels at 99.7%.

Sigma Shallow Dig Septic Tank

This option is designed to reduce installation time and cost. Suitable for locations with dig height restrictions, this is the ideal long-term solution available in five different sizes for up to 47 people.

We are also a distributor for Kingspan Klargester fuel and oil separators, including full retention, forecourt, and bypass separators. These fully compliant systems can be ordered in-branch. 

For more information on our available stock, visit our website or call your nearest branch to speak to our team for expert advice . 

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FARNHAM: 01252 711911

GRAVESEND: 01474 331164

BRENTFORD: 0208 569 8888

HORSHAM: 01403 892800