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Product focus: Klargester Pumping Stations

The Office for National Statistics anticipates the number of people living in the UK will pass 70 million by mid-2029. This increase will have an unprecedented impact on demand for water and the infrastructure to deal with waste. 

Coupled with the growth in residential developments and urbanisation, the construction industry needs to find sustainable and durable solutions to meet these demands. It's only when our waste systems fail that we start to realise the crucial role they play in the quality of our everyday lives.

Beyond gravity

New residential and commercial properties feed into the existing network of pipes that carry sewage and waste water away for processing. However, with a growing number of developments on low-lying ground, where the main sewer sits at a higher elevation, the movement of waste requires a little more help than gravity alone can provide. 

One vital piece of equipment is required to keep things flowing – the pumping station. Trusted manufacturer Kingspan supplies a number of waste treatment solutions from its well-respected Klargester range. We're delighted to be a stockist and supplier of Klargester products across our four branches, so if you're looking for a name you can trust then give us a call or pop into your nearest store to discuss your requirements.

Finding the right solution

With a Klargester pumping station you can rest assured that the product is compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations and will stand the test of time due to the quality of the materials used. The size you require will depend on the type of waste, distance from the sewer, and the elevation levels involved. Whether you're sourcing for a domestic or commercial setting – from a remote rural house to a school or hotel – there is a product to suit. Our experienced sales team can advise on the right solution for your project. 

To give you a flavour of the range on offer, below is an overview of Kingspan's pumping products:

Klargester Compact Pumping Station

This product is quick and easy to install and is designed for outbuildings, extensions, cellars, pool houses and external WC applications. Robust, durable and corrosion free, it features a stainless-steel submersible Grundfos pump.

Klargester Domestic and Domestic+ Pumping Station

Ideal for homes or properties of up to 13 people, this is supplied with single or twin pumps and a control panel for remote monitoring and easy maintenance.

Klargester Vertical Pumping Station

Ideal for commercial developments and premises, where drainage by gravity is not an option, this product comes in a range of sizes. Easy to install, optional extras include a kiosk with warning beacon and a telemetry system.

Klargester Horizontal Pumping Station

Designed as a single piece chamber with two separate sections - one for normal operation and one for emergency storage – if the power fails this station will respond instantly, separating liquids and storing waste for up to 24 hours. 

Klargester Adoptable and High Specification Pumping System

A bespoke product designed to meet the requirements of 'Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition' and the 'Water Industry Standard' (WIS). 

To discuss product availability, and for high specification orders, find your nearest branch and one of our knowledgeable team will be able to assist. 

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FARNHAM: 01252 711911

GRAVESEND: 01474 331164

BRENTFORD: 0208 569 8888

HORSHAM: 01403 892800