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Innovative off mains drainage options

An isolated countryside setting for a new house or development may sound like an attractive option, however the practicalities of realising the dream may stop you in your tracks, particularly if your ideal self-build plot is well and truly off-grid.

For those who've set their heart on a location that's beyond the reach of mains drainage and standard sewage systems, all is not lost. Over the last few years, the options available have increased in number and sophistication to offer some 'water tight' solutions that won't inadvertently pollute the surrounding environment.

Dealing with off mains drainage

Klargester has established a reputation for innovation in this field, creating a range of sewage treatment plants for domestic and commercial settings that comply with the latest regulations.

innovative off mains drainage options from rudridge

Binding rules introduced by the government in 2015 now place the responsibility for off mains waste management firmly with domestic and commercial property owners rather than local councils. Therefore, if you inherit an old system, it's your job to ensure it's able to cope with the amount of waste produced and doesn't leak untreated sewage into the ground. In fact, legislation now states that if you have a septic tank that discharges directly to surface water you must replace it with a treatment plant by 1 January 2020.

A new generation of packaged sewage treatment plants have been developed which are affordably priced for both domestic and commercial adoption.

Klargester's environmentally-safe solutions

World-class manufacturer Klargester is leading the way in the development of these products with its BioDisc and BioFicient Sewage Treatment Plants for every application – from self-builds to campsites.

The Klargester BioDisc Domestic and Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant uses a unique patented Rotating Biological Contractor (RBC) which assists the aerobic breakdown of raw sewage by bacteria, allowing the processed water to run-off into the ground. (INSERT LINK

With low running costs, high levels of pollution removal and assured performance, this system is fully compliant to the highest European standards – giving you the peace of mind from a reliable brand.

Innovative treatment plants

The Klargester BioFicient Domestic and Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant is an effective off mains solution for a range of applications – from homes to the hospitality sector, which makes it perfect for development projects in rural locations. Low maintenance and compliant with the latest European regulations, this product delivers a high level of water discharge quality. 

To compliment the treatment plants available, Klargester also produces a range of pumping stations for low-lying areas where gravity can't be relied upon. From domestic pumping stations for properties with up to 13 people to vertical stations for developments, all are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest robust materials.

These cost-effective, low maintenance options make the possibility of living and loving properties in remote settings a more viable option. Here at Rudridge, our experienced team can advise you on the right Klargester product for your requirements, as well as assisting with the ordering and installation process so you can start to enjoy life off mains.

Call one of our four branches today to discuss the Klargester range in more detail. 

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FARNHAM: 01252 711911

GRAVESEND: 01474 331164

BRENTFORD: 0208 569 8888

HORSHAM: 01403 892800